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Business English Courses

Business English courses are designed for business professionals who need English in the workplace. It is also advantageous for aspiring individuals who are looking to develop their language skills for their future career.

Advantages of our Business English courses

  1. Develop English fluency and communication skills for the workplace.

  2. Practice speaking and writing for formal and informal situations 

  3. Improve English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

  4. Select from a variety of topics (e.g. emails, telephone, meetings 

  5. Learn faster with personalized business courses and valuable feedback.

What do Business English courses include?

Our Business English course is designed to improve your fluency and the confidence to speak with international clients and colleagues.

This includes reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks that cover business topics and develop business English

vocabulary. You can even request specific topics that are relevant to your business needs.

We also give an additional focus on Business English conversation and fluency for formal and informal contexts

This strategy enables you to 'learn by doing' and develop your English communication skills for the workplace.

English levels and targets

We provide Business English training that focuses on multiple areas. Here are some examples:

  • Business Meetings

  • Sales Presentations    

  • Negotiations

  • Telephoning

  • Emails

  • Networking

  • Socializing

  • Business reports

  • Executive summaries

Other English courses

We ask you to complete our English level test and recommend that you have an English level of Intermediate (B1) or higher for Business English courses. You can even take our free online English test today!

English Course

Private Business English courses provide the best opportunity to personalize your learning experience. English Tutor adapt courses for your needs and enable you to develop at your own speed.
You can choose one-on -one sessions or schedule English training with a group of colleagues or friends.

Other English courses

We also offer English courses with a focus on General English and to help you prepare for English proficiency examinations